Some quantitative analysis for UP Polls.

Uttar Pradesh is normally a Tripolar contest and elections are about Momentum. In 2007, The elections started in Western UP. BSP Took a lead and that helped it reach simple majority. In Today's whatsapp world, the momentum shifts even faster. Sometimes in a Matter of seconds.

But, in all this chaos, some rules tend to apply with applicable error margins or tolerances. We will explain 2 such Methods Below.

 In 2007, at the Pole position, was BSP led by mayawati who got, 206 seats. In 2nd position, it was  SP with 96 seats with a voteshare of 25%. 3rd was BJP with 51 seats and a 17% voteshare.

In 2012, the tables tilted. SP led in 1st position with 224 seats, voteshare around 30% again. BSP was 2nd with 80 seats and a voteshare of 26%. and BJP was 3rd with 47 seats and a voteshare of  15%. 
If we average these 2 out,
the 1st position comes with a Number of (224 + 206)/2 = 215 ,
2nd position,  ( 96 + 80)/2 ~ 88 seats,
3rd position,  ( 51 + 47)/2 ~ 49 seats.
These are the basic Toler…

BJP Stuns in Odisha Panchayat : Path Ahead.

While the country is keeping a close track on UP elections, Stunning news came from Odisha. BJP had a very small presence in local bodies previously. They had 36/856 seats.  Currently Panchayat Polls have been going on in phases.
The BJP has come up with a stupendous performance in Odisha. They have got, a total of 197 seats in Only 3 phases out of a 5 phase election.
What does this mean for the electoral dynamics of Odisha and India as whole, particularly for 2019? It is well know that a Modi wave in 2014 contributed to 73 seats along with 32 seats in Bihar. It is unrealistic to expect a similar performance in UP. and Bihar has a very strong alliance against Modi now. So, increasing the Catchment area is a very important Goal for BJP/NDA . Question is, Can Odisha (not
Orissa) contribute ? The dynamics of the state of Odisha are contributed from BBSR(Bhubaneswar) . It is the bureaucratic capital of the state with enormous cultural heritage. The Officialdom plays a strong role in maint…

Sialkot Saga : My Review

Sometime back, I came across this book in Crossword. Called the Rozabal Line. I read the preview . Having become quite find of Da Vinci code, I liked anything that had a relationship with that storyline. Jesus in kashmir.

I went through it and found it quite racy. Since, then, I've never missed any of Ashwin Sanghi's books. Be it Chanakya's chant and also, the Krishna Key. The cover familiar territory.
When Sialkot Saga came, I was a little sceptical. But, I went ahead and borrowed the book. on my Kindle. It was fascinating. I was thrilled with the first few chapters.
The Unique romance of the Marwari Boy mixed with the Chemistry quite literally will never fascinate an Art critic. but a Geek like me, enjoys this a lot. 
I kept turning pages. Never a problem in a Ashwin Sanghi Book. They never stopped. 
The description of Dongri was strangely very accurate. The secular politics of the Mumbai Underworld was in full display. In some ways, this is a very accurate, yet, not a …

Charles Dickens and MohenjoDaro

I'm a huge fan of David Copperfield. I quite love the fact that, it had an happy ending. Agnes was perfect for David. My favourite was Mr. Micawber. Never say die spirit. This might be blasphemy, but, Charles Dickens in my book is a better writer than William Shakespeare.
But, How many of us know of this one quote by Charles Dickens?
"I wish I were Commander-in-Chief  in India... I would do my utmost to exterminate the race upon whom the stain of cruelties rested"
This was written in a letter to a certain Baroness. This was during the 1857 wars.

Does this make Charles Dickens a bad person? That is debatable. What is not in doubt is the common perception of the times. Europeans are superior. White skin is destined to rule the world.  
This was the same time when Max Mueller was writing books where he was assigning dates to Hindu scriptures.  The World was supposed to have started in 4000 BC. For obvious reasons.
Move forward to , 1940's. The Indus Valley is being excavated…

The end of the Mughal empire 1720 or 1857

Recently, I read an article in swarajya which mentioned that It took 186 years for the Mughals to be finished after the battle of Saraighat 1671. Ideological assertions aside it is important to correct a few points. 
The Mughal Empire enforced a period of stability across large parts of India. Prior to that, wars were frequent. But, trade flowered under the Mughal rule. The downfall was mainly due to Aurangzeb who brought to zilch all the efforts of his predecessors, by disturbing a lot of practices which were brought by Akbar. Religious taxes like jiziya were enforced. He kept on fighting wars which further weakened the economy. The Treasury nearly became empty. He actually died in Burhanpur and not in his capital Delhi. 
The new King Bahadur Shah 1 had a reign of 5 years. He was busy trying to control his brothers and the subedars some of whom were Rajputs too. He was 63 years old when he became king.  Now, with emperors who all ruled 20 years at least before him. 5 years was such a …

Digital India or Internet.Org

Yesterday, Mark Zuckerberg launched a campaign to paint our background profiles with the colours of the Indian national flag. Ostensibly, it was to provide support for taking India in a Digital Direction. For a country of 5 lakh villages, ensuring that we have a fibre optic network is of utmost importance to all of us.
This can fast track poverty alleviation, since, it is proven, that access to technology reduces poverty faster than any Other medium.
But, since, today Morning a spate of posts have come out which are basically scaring us into saying, that Net-Neutrality will suffer. 
Let us Understand, what Net-Neutrality ment for all of us. 
Net Neutrality implied that, a small set of apps which sign up with a ISP[Either airtel via airtel zero] or a platform like will be provided for free to people. 
What are the implications of this tie-up?  a) Smaller apps will find it difficult to come to the platform. b) So, some apps will gain monopolistic access to the system.  c) …

Net Neutrality : A consumer viewpoint.

The year was 2003 when I came to Hyderabad for a job. I stayed in a Area called Tarnaka. The Locality where I stayed was slowly growing. But, it had quite a few teething problems.
The roads were in bad shape. There was one grocery store in the area. Invariably, when we guys would land up there to buy things, I would pay at least 30% higher prices than what we paid, when we want to the main road[Tarnaka circle].
Roads improved and a few more grocery stores came up. Competition increases , but, the 30% premium reduced to less than 4% over a period of time.
Why am I telling this story?
What is Airtel Zero ? It provides you with a cheaper option. You will browse flipkart for free. But, flipkart does not sell vegetables. Really, That's not true. 
Nextbigwhat says, Flipkart is launching a grocery business.  We have a few players in grocery now. We have Bigbasket and we have zopnow. 
If browsing is free on flipkart, over next 2-3 years, Bigbasket and zopnow will go down. Their growth pro…